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Slab Refinishing

Our Slab Refinishing is one of a kind.
In our ongoing dedication to delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction, we extend slab refinishing services to our Fabricator partners. Homeowners can now directly request restoration or specialized finishes for their stone through their Fabricator. MARVA collaborates closely with our Fabricators to ensure that every homeowner receives the ideal stone selection from MARVA, aligning with our steadfast commitment as a premier distributor.

MARVA offers the following
slab refinishes:

  • Polished: Most common; mirror gloss with extraordinary reflections
  • Honed: Dull sheen without reflections
  • Leathered: Similar to an Antique finish, but the sharper edges have been softened creating a more warm and inviting feel to the stone
  • Caressed: Additional steps added to the leathering process to create a much brighter color tone and gloss look to the stone.