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It can be tough to choose from all the gorgeous quartz designs Marva offers, like the ones from Alleanza Quartz and Vadara Quartz.

Fortunately, quartz surfaces can be used in conjunction in dozens of applications, including counters and backsplashes, multi-layer fireplace surrounds, and more—so you can mix and match for a design-forward, sophisticated style.

How you match your designs will depend on the aesthetic. Do you want to play it safe with solid shades to give your space a classic colorblock look? Perhaps you would choose one application highlighting movement and colors, set against a flat, neutral tone? Or are you a daring designer who would choose two patterns to really showcase your creativity?

A Word on Backsplashes

When coordinating your backsplash and countertop in the kitchen or bathroom, we recommend starting with the countertop. This is going to be the surface that will need to withstand the most wear and tear and is the central feature of your space, so it should be a priority for budget and design. From a timeline standpoint as well, the countertops will be installed first, during construction or remodeling, so you have more time to narrow down backsplash preferences. You can even wait until the countertops are in your kitchen, to finalize your backsplash choice. The homeowners may have a better idea of your final vision for their kitchen, once the countertops are in place.